Michigan College of Beauty
Michigan College of Beauty
Michigan College of Beauty - Waterford, MI - Cosmetology, Esthetics, Manicuring and Cosmetology Instructor School
About the School

To you who are about to enter the field of hair styling and cosmetology, we applaud your decision to become involved with beauty! It is a career that offers a strong personal sense of achievement... untold opportunities to apply your skills in a variety of exciting occupations...and financially the sky is the limit. The objective of Michigan College of Beauty is to train cosmetology students and prepare them for entry in the beauty industry. The learning process is fostered and advanced in an atmosphere of an educational institution and pleasant surroundings, with the accent on curriculum and faculty and employing the most modern equipment and teaching methods. Michigan College of Beauty, since its inception, has set the highest standards for their graduates so that they meet the requirements of the Michigan State Board of Cosmetology.

Michigan College of Beauty is located on Dixie Highway between Walton and Andersonville Road, in the Waterford Village. Our building is a one-story 4900 square feet facility. Requirements for entrance comply with the minimum standards of the Michigan State Board of Cosmetology. Transfer students will be given credits in accordance with the regulations of the Michigan State Cosmetology Board of Cosmetology. This school admits as regular students to the Cosmetology program, only persons having a certificate of graduation from a school of secondary education, or the recognized equivalent of such certificate.

Michigan College of Beauty?

When you attend our school, you’ll experience a positive learning environment everywhere you look. We have a culture that inspires confidence and success. Our teaching techniques provide opportunities to develop essential skills while exploring your own talents and creativity.

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