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Cosmetology Instructor

The Cosmetology Instructor Course trains licensed Cosmetologists in the area of providing Cosmetology knowledge to others through acceptable teaching methods and standards. To become State licensed to teach all phases of Cosmetology in a licened institution. Graduation requirements are completing 600 hours of training and a passing grade of 85% as well as all tuition monies paid. Graduates after 600 hours, approximatly 5 months of training will receive a diploma

Course Details

•  To give students an education in theory and practical aspects of Cosmetology.

• To prepare students to successfully complete and pass the State Board of Cosmetology Licensing Exam.

• To prepare students to work in a licensed professional hairstyling salon as a licensed cosmetologist.

•  To prepare students to work in other cosmetology related occupations.

• To provide students with business, success and communication skills that will compliment their technical ability.

Course Curriculum

  • Orientation and Review of      Curriculum

  • Introduction to Teaching

  • Course Outlining and Development

  • Laws and Rules

  • Teaching

  • Practice Teaching in Theory and      Clinic

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